Spun Prestressed Concrete Pole



Spun Pre-stressed Concrete (SPC) Pole, an innovative manufacturing technology to turn the idea into a revolutionary new product for today’s poles industry, is used in overhead transmission and distribution line all over the world.

Poles are manufactured by combining the benefits of spinning and pre-stressing for highest density, lowest weight and the best strength to weight ratio possible
Gemcon Spun Pre-stressed Concrete Pole manufacturing facilities are state of art in product and manufacturing technology.

Special care is taken at each step of the process to ensure Gemcon’s customers get the high quality product as well as long term durability in even the harshest environment. 

Poles At Factory Yard

Different Size Of Poles At Factory

Shape and Size

Pre-stressed round hollow spun concrete poles are different size depending on loading condition and spun length of the transmission and distribution line for different voltage system.

Generally these are 7.6 meter, 9.0 meter, 10.6 meter, 12.0 meter, 13.7 meter, 15 meter, 18 meter even may be up to 23.0 meter.

In Bangladesh, Rural Electrification Board, Bangladesh Power Development Board, Dhaka Electricity Supply Authority and Dhaka Electricity Supply Co. Ltd. use Spun Pre-stressed concrete poles of different sizes and strengths depending on line voltage.

REB uses 7.6m 1.6kN, 9m 2.0kN, 9m 2.6kN, 10.6m 2.0kN, 10.6m 2.6kN, 12m 2.6kN, 12m 3.3kN, 13.7m 3.3kN, 15m 3.3kN, 18m 3.3kN, & 23m 3.3kN.

REB uses 7.6m Poles as service line (440 volts), 9m and 10.6m used 11kv distribution line, 12m, 13.7m and 15m used for 33kv line.

PDB uses 9m pole for 11kv , 12m and 15m pole used for 33kv line.